Our Crazy Plan

So my daughter has these crazy obsessions…. first she taught herself to draw incredible works of art, taught herself new mediums,  taught herself how to write with her left hand… and one of them this summer is walking long distances.


At first my husband and Soleil would walk to Dairy Queen and back (no not the close one) in the evenings.  Then, she came up with this crazy idea that we should walk to my parents in Caledon…. 36 miles away.

I said why not walk home?  It is net downhill as opposed to uphill.  NOPE…she states that is not a “destination” that is home.     So long story shortened (a bit) I agreed to join them to navigate and to keep them company.  I also made a training plan for us.   We are now set on walking a marathon.  Not an official one, but one of our own design. It has involved some logistics… taking an uber to the start in Milton (so it is only 26 miles not 36), dropping a car and clothes at my folks in Caledon, booking friends to watch Lucas while we do this…. lots of planning!

We trained but not the way I would normally for a running marathon… surprisingly when you walk for hours at a time your body starts to break down.  So we have trained a mere HALF of the distance.

Soleil and Dan have never fueled on a walk…. so our Marathon is going to be a huge experiment.  What can they eat while walking that won’t cause tummy troubles or bathroom stops… I am a squirrel and will be munching the whole way with no problem but still this old body does not look forward to walking for 8-9 hours.

Stay tuned to hear how our end of the summer challenge pans out…. and keeping it “REAL”… this is scary and I am really not sure what the day will bring.   I know that all of you will be pulling for us so that will help for sure!

Keep Healthy and Happy


Bad Karma

So I consider myself a good person.  I have always thought that you should always look for opportunities to help others and do good things.  I am not saying that there is a higher power but I am saying that I did feel that good people deserved to have good things happen for them.

This summer I feel like I have really done something horrible to upset the Karma apple cart.  I won’t list them all but those who know me have heard some of the struggles that have hit my family in the past three months.

Previously I felt blessed, like I was overly fortunate. I kept saying to my husband… I feel too lucky that we have such a good life.  Well people the tables have turned…

I am trying to keep a sense of humor about it but it is hard as it involves my loved ones.

It just goes to show you that everyone is struggling even if they don’t show you or tell you.  So the next time you see someone acting out of character or they have put on a few pounds or lost a few… just give them a hug and tell them that you are there for them.

Thanks to those of you sending cyber and real hugs.  Hopefully I can turn this Karma bus around to be back in the positive direction soon!

Keep Healthy and Happy

Breaking up is Hard to Do!

When we were closing the gym and selling off the equipment over the last few weeks, people asked me how I was doing and I thought I would feel relieved to have the administrative burden of running a gym (and balancing a very slim spreadsheet).  However, it felt more like a break up.  Yes, I was the “dumper” and not the “dumpee”… since I had initiated it … but it still felt sad and emotional.

But the part I didn’t feel right away until this first week of not seeing my regulars… my friends who have been there for years…. I feel like I broke up with them too 🙁  Now thanks to Facebook we can stay “connected” but it is not the same as having a quick conversation between Burpees 🙂

I am enjoying all the free time… and even shockingly have “slowed down” a bit.  I found myself wandering through Costco instead of powering through to get to my next class etc.  BUT… I miss my gym and I miss my people.

They say everything happens for a reason so I am staying cheerful and looking forward to the future but just so you all know. … I MISS YOU GUYS!  xo xo

New Opportunities

So after 3 Years and 3 Months we are closing the doors at FIT at the end of JUNE 2017.  The reason why?  It is simple…we are not renewing our lease in the current location.  We will however, be holding Bootcamps in the park and Yoga in the park this summer.  Come September we HOPE we will have some space to sublet and offer classes again.

It was hard telling the members and it was even harder having them tell me how sad they were.  We had created a home, a friendly environment where people could work out (for cheap) and feel safe modifying exercises for their body’s needs.

I feel good that we created such a special place and I know that many of our members will be my friends for life.

We will continue to do Personal Training and run the FIT Challenges (and bring them to your workplaces!!!).  However the current schedule will be complete after June 30th.

I am somewhat looking forward to a break in my routine as it has been a long time of teaching the same schedule week in and week out (with my holiday breaks of course), worrying about staffing, spreadsheets, payroll, etc.  I won’t miss those worries!  I am excited now…who knows what this summer will bring?  As a family we have had more then our share of change this year and I am looking forward to what might be around the next corner.

To those that were our members and clients.  Thank you! Thank you for making our space so special and I hope that we will continue to do FIT things together in the future!

Keep Healthy and Happy


Your Greatest Treasures

I love my children and treasure every moment with them but all of a sudden we have two teenagers in the house (btw…this photo is 8 years old) and … life is a bit different to say the least.  They won’t pose in photos with us (yet they snapchat and instagram to their heart’s content)… they stay in their rooms with the doors closed, one has a job and one is pursuing a volunteer job for the summer…they sleep all the time!!!   All of a sudden it feels like they don’t need us anymore. It is so hard to not know what is happening with them.  Yes we still have family dinners, yes I love talking with them when they come find me… but it is so different now then just a few months ago.

It is sooo hard.  They are good kids and we are lucky.  But… I wrote recently about “wishing the days away” and I am guilty of continuing to do that… part of me is just holding my breath until they arrive (hopefully healthy and happy) on the other side of teendom.  There is so much out there that wasn’t there when we grew up.  Can you believe that when we were little there were no cell phones, no ipads, no computers for that matter (not til I went to University).  So if you wanted to get in trouble you had to go out and find it on your own two feet.

Now there is so much to worry about!  I don’t want to start a war but I think it would be easier to have boys … maybe because I worry about so much for the girls; making bad choices, teen pregnancy, suffering eating disorders, bullying, smoking, drinking, crime,  peer pressure to do drugs or things that I don’t dare mention in a blog!

How do we get through it?  I will continue to work hard at being there for them and always telling them to make good choices but how much do I wish I could go back to the days where I could get them excited about a walk to the park, going to the zoo, or just blowing bubbles or playing in the yard.   Luckily we still have one small fry at home (and whew he is a boy!)… but I will blink and he will be resisting my hugs and finding his friends after school instead of wanting to play with us.

So if you have small ones at home… hug them tight as long as you can… and if you have teenagers… don’t be afraid to share advice to help us get through this scary time!!!

Keep Healthy and Happy!


Stop wishing the days away

I love Pinterest and I love the Motivations that you can find on there.  I encourage my FIT challengers to find motivations on there too.   I saw this one a while back … telling us to RELAX and Master THE DAY and then do that every day.  I didn’t realize how much it hit home until last Sunday when I was running the Burlington Chilly Half Marathon.  You see, I have this habit of planning ahead but for some reason I missed the planning in training for this race. Yes we have lots going on but this is pretty bad when you forget to plan long runs until 10 days before the race when you crank out ONE long run and hope you don’t hurt yourself during the race.

You see the ironic thing is I am a planner….I looooove to plan ahead.  I think this is why this motivation sunk in so deep.  I OFTEN get so caught up in just “getting through this day” and the next and the next to the thing that I am really looking forward to. I feel like I am wishing my life away instead of being “present” as the yogis tell us to be.

So as I struggled with the race on Sunday (normally I love racing) and did my best that I could.  I kept telling myself over and over “master this racethen master this day.  It really helped.  It was a pretty nice day for this race too as normally it is the ugliest day of winter.  (Global Warming?!)

I have the 30 K Around the Bay at the end of the month hanging over my head now too.  I will try to crank out yet one more long run to see how that goes, and if that goes I will try to shuffle through ATB and keep this mindset.

But you know what is very possible?  That I decide to listen to my body/my head/my heart and just find someone to split my race with (it is a relay race as well as a 30 K race). However the important point is that I am going to try and try to Master each Day on it’s own  and stop wishing the days away.

Keep Healthy and Happy!

This is Getting Serious…

I try not to do political posts but I am getting on a BIG Soap Box (reusable;) for this one….We must do more for our planet. I have always considered myself someone who is a fanatical recycler and is conscious of the environment but I recently realized I am not doing enough.

We can’t ignore the changes in our world:  We were away on vacation and every beach had plastics washed up on them.  I recently read this story about a whale that was euthanized because it ingested 30 plastic bags in the Ocean!  And this past warm February was great BUT to me it screams of global warming. We need to take care of our environment and NOW.

  • Yes I practice the three Rs… Reduce Reuse Recycle.  As for the first two I could do a lot more!!!

A few examples of companies and people leading the way…

  • My sister Erin works for a company that creates Pulp Moulded packaging which is made from paper by products.  It is biodegradable packaging that costs only pennies more then plastic. We need to INSIST more companies  purchase and utilize this type of product.
  • Saltwater Brewery has created an edible packaging (from beer by products) instead of a six pack plastic ring to hold it’s cans of beer together.
  • My friend Nina has made a GREEN PLEDGE of not purchasing anything NEW this entire 2017 (unless it is reused or pre-purchased unless it is consumables). Nina is my inspiration when I purchase ANYTHING. She created a facebook group GREEN MUMS and I look to them for ideas and inspiration.

I  am going to do whatever I can to reduce my imprint… yes it is very hard when everything we buy comes in plastic packaging and made for “convenience”.  Trying to eat healthy we take home plastic clamshell containers of raspberries and Blueberries, Plastic containers of salad…

Here is a great website with ideas for all of us to help reduce Global Warming.

Therefore these are the things I have sworn to do from now on:

  1. Buy in Bulk in my own reused plastic bags or my own Glass Jars whenever possible.
  2. Elminate Plastic Water Bottles from my gym (we are offering reusable water bottles for free).
  3. Make conscious purchasing decisions… do I NEED it? or do I just WANT it?  Does it come in complex packaging?
  4. Purchase locally grown food whenever possible (yes often more pricey unfortunately).
  5. Encourage my clients, family and friends to help in the movement and do what we can to make a positive impact on the envivonment.
  6. Look for every opportunity to make a better choice.

Thank you to all of you for jumping on the bandwagon with me and doing what we can!!!

Keep Healthy and Happy and let’s keep our Earth Healthy and Happy too!


Trying to stay positive

Normally I blog about setting goals, planning ahead, packing snacks… all positive things.  But sometimes things just don’t work out and we need to figure out how to be happy with those situations too and not let them get away from us.

Last year I had big aspirations for my running races. By this time last year I had already run two races and managed to log another 10 during 2016. (see Photo)

With all that racing in my mind I signed up for a half marathon and then the 30K  Around the Bay (both in March 2017) thinking I would use those as a springboard to run a spring Marathon and who knows where that would then take me….

Here it is almost March 2017… haven’t run a race yet this year….. it is two weeks before the half and I have not trained AT ALL… and the 30 K  ATB seems hopelessly out of reach.   I can’t complain about what has derailed me… travel, deciding to downsize our home, selling and buying a new home, business challenges, and not putting planning into my training.  I have been running yes, but it is more “maintenance” running and not what one needs to do to prepare for long distance running.

I admit I have been glum … it’s the easiest thing to start beating yourself up and feeling like a failure.  However this morning I remembered a “TED Radio Hour” Podcast on Failure I was listening to not so long ago and it had all these great speakers talking about Failure and what it really means.  They had a very positive spin on it… meaning your response to Failure is really what is important. If something isn’t working and you realize it, then you should change what you are doing… makes sense?  They also pointed out that every experiment that was successful came after a series of failures.  They said Failure was an opportunity…

So I am going to take the opportunity to make a plan, yet manage my expectations, do what I can in the next 5 weeks and perhaps…. look for someone to share my bib for ATB and run it as a relay instead of biting off the elephant all at once…   and hopfully keep the negative self talk out of it.  Wish me luck! haha.

Keep Healthy and Happy!

Down sizing

What started as a discussion a few weeks ago has gone into hyperdrive… we are putting our house up for sale and looking to downsize.  NO we are not that OLD… YES we still have kids living at home.

It’s just that our current house is in a neighbourhood where the market has gone a bit loopy. $$$. So we figured, why not sell and move into something smaller and less pricey (my husband would say we are down pricing not down sizing ;).  Now my husband and I are not ones to sit on an idea for long so wham bam… the house is going on the market on Friday.

Now to get a house this size ready to sell involves a lot of work… we have been here 7 years and I have been very good at keeping things minimal and purging clothes and toys regularly but boy did we still have a lot of stuff to get rid of!!!! OMG.

Our kids have been great, not loving the idea but not fighting it either.  They know that with change there is always something positive.  They are giving up their pool and big backyard… we don’t have a home to buy yet but they understand that we made this decision for good reasons and that soon the girls will be moving on to College or University. Our son is just happy if his “STUFF” comes with him in the move.

So if I look tired or stressed… know that it is because I probably carried bags of garbage, clothing and toy giveaways, boxes up and down the stairs, cleaned, purged, painted and organized like a demon for the last week (did I mention we had to move out all our Halloween monsters?).   This is one time when I wish I had a “FITBIT” so I could see how many steps I have made!

What an exciting January this is turning out to be. Fingers crossed this change is a good one!

Keep Healthy and Happy.


Embrace Change

paul equipSo recently we had some big changes at the gym.  Another Personal Trainer/Gym owner and I agreed to share our space.  Now this was not a change I entered into lightly… there were definitely advantages for both of us.  BUT I wanted to make sure it was the right “FIT for FIT”.

He moved in his equipment and we were off and running January 1st, 2017.  Now I thought the members would be thrilled with all the new equipment (he even turns on the heat!) … but there were far more “I don’t like change” comments then the positive ones.

I know we are all creatures of habit… we wash our hair the same way every day, we eat the same things every day… we move the same amount every day….  I think that our failure to embrace what is new often holds us back from getting healthier sometimes.

Change is scary but often times we look back a few months later and think… wow that wasn’t so bad?

What is important?  Our Health and Happiness!  First and foremost those are the most important things.

So if you are entering into a new eating routine, or fitness regime and it feels uncomfortable… try to embrace it and know that in days, weeks or even just a few months it will all be a new routine and you will be so much better for having taken on the changes.

Keep Healthy and Happy!