Holiday Helper

l1326260518It’s only 3 sleeps til Christmas (as my little guy tells me the countdown every morning when he comes into my room at 6:30 am) …. but we have already had all kinds of Holiday gatherings, Treats, Parties, and Lucky for me I have 2 Close friends with December birthdays so we have celebrated the heck out of those too…. so much yummy stuff consumed and so much wine!

It is easy at this time of year to get derailed from your best Healthiest Intentions!  But…let’s be honest… this is not a time to lose weight.  No this is a time to SAVOUR the things you love within REASON.  CHOOSE wisely and don’t use it as an excuse to go off the deep end.   Eat the CAKE drink the WINE BUT…. get in some extra steps EVERY DAY,  get in the basement for an EXTRA WORKOUTs… leave food on your plate… and don’t eat something just to make someone feel better.

Guilt and food and Holidays sometimes go hand in hand but do your best to make the choices FOR YOU and most importantly… BE HAPPY with yourself for doing “damage” control… every positive choice is fantastic.  Enjoy the snow, and keep moving through the holidays.

Come January come into FIT and get back into your full Healthiest Routine!

Wishing you and your families the very best Holiday and a wonderful 2017!!!

Keep Healthy and Happy

Who I am

I am sneaking up on another birthday and although I am grateful for my Health and Strength I have right now… I am not in love with the wrinkles creeping up on me.  It’s true with age comes wisdom; I know now what NOT to wear and what things make me happy.

I also am getting a real sense of who I am and what I like.   We all have our quirks.  Mine are; being outspoken (sorry!) showing up early (to a flaw!), going to bed early, organizing and planning, and yes I am a hoarder of candy and snacks.   I had to laugh at myself yesterday when I started cleaning out a box with old purses and travel bags…. apparently I am an 80 year old woman already because in every purse… kleenex and mints!  Can you believe it?!  OMG I am 80 already! So as much as I have a sense of self I don’t want to get stuck in a rut at this age already.

So needless to say I dumped out all the kleenex and mints and set my mind to be young and silly again.  I have canouan-kids-clubalready danced in the kitchen this morning and am going to embrace being less predictable and be more fun. I have a long time to be predictable me… so I am going to try my hat at living life a little larger and younger and then maybe the wrinkles won’t matter so much.

Hope you can find some fun for yourself as well.  Keep Healthy and Happy!

Sadness…Grey and Blue …

chocolatecakeanwineOkay we all have “those” days where everything seems to go wrong and you feel blue and grey and so so sad.  It just feels like the best thing to do is get a bottle of wine and a Chocolate cake and go crawl into bed with it and a fork!  I felt that way recently.  I don’t know if it was a fight with my husband the night before, or hormones, or the darker,  shorter days of fall…. or what… but I tell you I felt like poison was running through my veins. I felt like everyone could see my sadness on my face.

I tried everything… smiling, working out with my class… saying upbeat things… treating myself to a soy latte… buying a present for someone… cleaning my desk… riding my horse… hugging my kids… and you know what?

NOTHING WORKED!  Seriously some days we just can’t shake it and we have to do our best to just get through it and go to bed (without the cake) and wake up tomorrow and hope for a brand new day and perspective.

If it persists… and the blues are not leaving then for sure tell someone… make an appointment with a health professional and realize it is probably NOT you … it’s chemistry and we can’t fight chemistry all by ourselves.

Hugs and help to all those who struggle with depression day in and day out.

Keep Healthy and Happy (by asking for help when you need it!).


Press Reset

20160924_072122I recently ran the Toronto Zoo 10 k for the first time with my brother Paul and sister Erin and felt really good about the race experience. I liked that I didn’t go too hard but that I did feel like I was “racing” as opposed to just going out for a run. It felt good, it was a great cool sunny day, perfect weather we saw Hippos and Flamingos and you could see the runners as you went on the out and back loops, it was a great race.   Then I got home and pulled up my handy spreadsheet that has all my races and times on it (what doesn’t everyone have one of these? 😉  and I realized I was sooooo much slower then my “Personal Best” which was several years ago.

Now it is no secret that I am getting older, and I can’t always get faster, but I was discouraged.  I spent a day feeling sad and slow and down on myself then I thought…ENOUGH…  I am going to Literally Press Reset.

I wrote down all my “records” stored on my Garmin Watch and pressed RESET.   So now, every time I go out running it chimes with “NEW RECORD”.  Wow that is awesome.  What a refreshing way to start over and not keep kicking myself.

So often we judge ourselves on what we used to be like, faster, thinner, richer, happier…. what if we could just start TODAY and think wow…. I am going to only look forward and forget all that stuff and just be the best ME from now on.

If only it were as easy as pressing RESET… but we can try can’t we?

Keep Healthy and Happy

Olympic Fever

olympicsIt is the last day of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics and I am already in mourning.  As professed before, I don’t see myself as an athlete.  No I am not one of those people that watches the games and envisions being part of them… but I love the games and especially the summer games. I watch it on tv, follow it on social media.  I even have the app on my phone and live for the updates!

I am in awe of the determination, training and physical prowess of these athletes.  I have my favourite sports to watch and thanks to the internet I can see most of them (since CBC doesn’t necessarily agree with my choices).  I love to watch them live, taped… summaries on facebook…. I just love them.

And the part that really draws me in is the back stories… the stories of friendships, love, partnership, loss, that the reporters find and weave us into their stories.  The stories of Brianne Theisen-Eaton winning our first Heptathalon medal (and did you know married to American Olympic Medal winning Decathalete?!).  The story of Catharine Pendrel and Emily Batty, teammates that competed in the mountain bike race and came in third and fourth (and Pendrel having a horrible start!). 

So many incredible stories and all on at the same time!  What will we do when the olympics close tonight?!

Keep Healthy and Happy

Be Brave …!

13962615_10154394135281241_2823827827654307398_nIt might surprise some people that I do not see myself as an athlete. After all these years being “FIT” I still regress in my mind to when I was out of shape and lazy.

It’s times like this past Saturday when I signed up with a group of friends (and hubby) to do a Mud/obstacle course race “Hell in the Harbour”. At the start of the race  I found myself back in grade 6, at the top of the ladder at the gym, feeling like that little chubby kid all over again. Stuck and Terrified and Embarassed.

It seemed like every obstacle was a huge climbing structure.  I was fine climbing up, but once I got to the top I froze and couldn’t trust myself to put a leg over.   My friends were awesome and talked me through every one of those… by the end I felt “I got this” and wasn’t as scared.  THANK you to those friends who made all the difference! It was a similar feeling not too long ago when I tried mountain biking in Arizona…I was absolutely terrified (having smashed my front teeth on a bike in grade 6).  By the end of that lesson I wish I had time for another one.

My son and daughter are not the bravest kids either… but every time they try something out of their comfort zone I am a proud mama!  In that same trip to Arizona, my little guy never touched a horse and this week he sat on mine for a walk around the arena not once but two different days !  good luke and sue

All this to say… as  much as it is scary to try something you are afraid of… we need to keep pushing ourselves to try them anyway. Hopefully if you do, you will have the support of friends and family to do it!


Keep Healthy and Happy

Time with Friends

dan and sue hotI had a week where my youngest child was happily in camp for long days and the big girls were away.  I knew ahead of time so I scheduled training sessions with clients and I also booked “Mummy camp” fun events/activities with some of my friends and family.  It was the best week ever!!! I ran with one of my sisters, I golfed with friends, ran with friends, I rode with a friend, I attended cooking class with friends and hubby…a friend joined me on a trail race… I tell you my heart is light and happy and how special those times were. I crammed a summer of fun into one week!

I think these days we can get into a rut of working on the computer/doing chores/parenting and not really get to interact with our friends and family face to face.  Yes we “text” and email but it is nowhere the same as just being with people we love.  I had written blog previously on what makes us happy and one of the main points was to spend more time with friends and family.

So be forewarned special people in my life… I will track you down and book you (yes I am a planner!)  for a visit/lunch/golf/hike/ride/ you name it.  I will squeeze you and listen and laugh and cry… whatever you need.  I love you guys!  I suggest that all of you do the same too.  Time is short and we don’t know what is around the next corner so let’s enjoy each other NOW.

Keep Healthy and Happy

Summer Sweat

So we are having the hottest summer in something like 20 years… some people love the heat (like my husband)…but I am not a fan.  Don’t get me wrong, I am loving the summer long days of sunlight and warm nights, but I don’t love the heat of the day nor the humidity. Remember Boston this year?  The good news is that we have had so much of it I am getting used to it!

The first year I opened FIT it was the coolest summer in ages and I was so grateful as it made classes more comfortable and people didn’t complain about the heat. This year it is hot every week and you know what … the members are taking it in stride.  THANK YOU! 😀

One way I try to suebeat the heat on the off days is getting up and running before my husband goes to work.  It’s not fun, and it is not always that much cooler, but I am ALWAYS grateful that I did it and then have the rest of the day to work/play/do crafts etc.

I even signed up for a race this summer to keep me motivated and running strong (even though I am running by myself!).

The point of this rambling blog is… our bodies can always do more then we give them credit for.  Don’t be afraid to push yourself outside your comfort zone and work up a sweat.  Chances are you will feel proud of yourself afterwards and make yourself stronger mentally and physically in the process!

Happy and Healthy Summer to you all!


Growing up

It’s funny, I remember always wanting to be older then I was.  At 13 I wanted to be 16 so I could drive.  At 16 I wanted to be 21 so I could go drink in the USA legally.  At 21 I wanted to be “mature” and be 25.  All of a sudden life speeds up and you are older… like as old as your parents were when you could remember them being “old”.  I have friends a decade younger then me and a decade older.  I still love them all. Age doesn’t matter other then it is a time clock…

I now wish I could go back in time and tell that younger self a few things.  For starters:

  • Your parents wanted you to eat healthy and exercise for a reason… not just to nag you.
  • To be comfortable at being ME.
  • To learn what looks good on my frame and what doesn’t.  (The photo is of my formal in high school!). 428709_10151621408090269_1683923653_n
  • That high school is not important (other then to get good marks) and that it is only a small part of your life.
  • That most of the lessons you will learn are from other people.  People older and wiser then you.
  • That having people in your life you can trust and rely on, who will make you laugh and tell you like it is are truly priceless
  • That marriage is hard work and to not settle… wait for someone that makes you feel good about yourself.
  • That I am not perfect and never will be, but that is okay.

I worry constantly about what my 3 kids are learning from me and hope that if nothing else one day they will read my blogs and learn from them.  In the meanwhile I will continue aging, laughing and trying not to worry about being imperfect.

Keep Healthy and Happy

Lost and Found

lostfoundToday’s post is a bit of a silly one but either I am losing my mind or I need to slow down.  I seem to be losing things or misplacing things more frequently now…

Recently I remembered I had bought a bag of horse treats and had put them in a “safe place” from the cats and dog.  Hmmm… now the bad news is that it was so safe that I couldn’t find it.  I looked for a week for those treats!

While in pursuit of those treats I remembered of a pair of spring shoes I had bought… where are they now?  And where is that weeding tool?

Two weeks ago I could have sworn that I had bought new printer ink but couldn’t find it so had to do a last minute errand to Costco to buy more.

I pride myself on being organized but apparently I am really not that good…. how can I lose so many things?!!! It’s amazing how distracting and upsetting it is when you can’t find things you want/need.  Really a “First world problem” to find my horse treats/weeding tool/printer ink. But still… very mentally consuming!  I am embarrassed to admit how consuming…

The good news is that I finally found the horse treats and a CACHE of Printer ink… let’s  hope my printer lasts long enough for me to use all of this ink I have squirreled away… still missing my weeding tool and shoes but will try to let them go and they will appear.

Some would say that it’s a consequence of being too busy… so I am going to try and focus on the task at hand more and SLOW down… hopefully that will stop me from losing things!

Keep Healthy and Happy