Breaking up is Hard to Do!

When we were closing the gym and selling off the equipment over the last few weeks, people asked me how I was doing and I thought I would feel relieved to have the administrative burden of running a gym (and balancing a very slim spreadsheet).  However, it felt more like a break up.  Yes, I was the “dumper” and not the “dumpee”… since I had initiated it … but it still felt sad and emotional.

But the part I didn’t feel right away until this first week of not seeing my regulars… my friends who have been there for years…. I feel like I broke up with them too 🙁  Now thanks to Facebook we can stay “connected” but it is not the same as having a quick conversation between Burpees 🙂

I am enjoying all the free time… and even shockingly have “slowed down” a bit.  I found myself wandering through Costco instead of powering through to get to my next class etc.  BUT… I miss my gym and I miss my people.

They say everything happens for a reason so I am staying cheerful and looking forward to the future but just so you all know. … I MISS YOU GUYS!  xo xo