Confessions… I am a hoarder!

hoarderI should be embarrassed… but I am not.  I cannot begin to quantify how much candy and treats/ are spread around our house.  I just did a quick inventory.  Four mini peppermint patties in my office drawer, one four month old EASTER bag of Coconut M+Ms (yes they do make these heavenly things but only in the states),  a baggie of mixed treats in my bedside table, a bar fridge with extras of many kinds of chocolate and candy… the list goes on and on.

Are you shocked?  People that have known me for a long time are probably laughing right now.  They know my hoarder habits.  My friend and ex-colleague once brought me a chocolate bar from Switzerland and when I left the company she caught me packing it when I left the company 6 months later.

I have carried a Toblerone for a record breaking 8 months in my purse before.

Why such a bizarre habit you ask? And why oh why tell people about it?  I tell you because no one is perfect.  Everyone has their own way of coping with trying to be their healthiest.  For me it was a long battle with food and I feel like I won.  I have control.  I have it with me… and yet I don’t feel the need to binge on it.

When I was younger, I hated it when people told me “you shouldn’t eat that” and so I hid my poor habits from everyone.  I used to smuggle pop tarts in my bedroom and sugar cereal in my locker and scarf it secretly.  In grade 7  my mother looked in my school knapsack and was shocked to see many, many paper bags from convenience store treats.  My mother also found cigarettes but was more mortified that I was eating so much junk.

How did it change?  Baby steps, but over time I learned that I wasn’t eating it because it tasted good, I was just eating to fill a void. I was unhappy and eating all that junk didn’t make me happier.

I probably should be embarrassed but I am not, I am proud that I have found a way to indulge safely and to eat healthy foods with a daily treat or two… though I am a hoarder I feel like I have won 🙂

What’s your secret for taking control?