Wow, I am behind in my blogs!  My apologies.  First off to update you “Our Crazy Plan” worked out beautifully, we had a perfect weather day and walked 26 miles from Milton to Caledon. Yes we got a little lost (and more then a little grumpy) in Georgetown and walked funny for a week but we did it!

Secondly, we have gone through a few changes which have distracted me from writing my blogs.  Moving into a smaller house, dealing with changing contractors during renovations, and family challenges… all keeping me a wee bit frazzled. These distractions had left me “uninspired” to say the least.

But I am back!  Just like everyone else sometimes life gets in the way and I get derailed. I vow to do better and get back to writing my blogs regularly so stay tuned. The important thing in all of this stress and frustration that I still scheduled my runs and workouts… for me that was key in keeping me sane through all this!

Oh and to those of you that were waiting to see if we opened up a new gym… it does not look likely in the near future.  There is too much competition for a small gym like FIT to make it’s mark and more importantly make a profit.  We will continue to offer personal training, small group training and our FIT challenges.  You can even contact us to run the challenge at your workplace!

Thanks to all for your ongoing support and know that I miss all my FIT folks!

Keep Healthy and Happy