Down sizing

What started as a discussion a few weeks ago has gone into hyperdrive… we are putting our house up for sale and looking to downsize.  NO we are not that OLD… YES we still have kids living at home.

It’s just that our current house is in a neighbourhood where the market has gone a bit loopy. $$$. So we figured, why not sell and move into something smaller and less pricey (my husband would say we are down pricing not down sizing ;).  Now my husband and I are not ones to sit on an idea for long so wham bam… the house is going on the market on Friday.

Now to get a house this size ready to sell involves a lot of work… we have been here 7 years and I have been very good at keeping things minimal and purging clothes and toys regularly but boy did we still have a lot of stuff to get rid of!!!! OMG.

Our kids have been great, not loving the idea but not fighting it either.  They know that with change there is always something positive.  They are giving up their pool and big backyard… we don’t have a home to buy yet but they understand that we made this decision for good reasons and that soon the girls will be moving on to College or University. Our son is just happy if his “STUFF” comes with him in the move.

So if I look tired or stressed… know that it is because I probably carried bags of garbage, clothing and toy giveaways, boxes up and down the stairs, cleaned, purged, painted and organized like a demon for the last week (did I mention we had to move out all our Halloween monsters?).   This is one time when I wish I had a “FITBIT” so I could see how many steps I have made!

What an exciting January this is turning out to be. Fingers crossed this change is a good one!

Keep Healthy and Happy.