Embrace Change

paul equipSo recently we had some big changes at the gym.  Another Personal Trainer/Gym owner and I agreed to share our space.  Now this was not a change I entered into lightly… there were definitely advantages for both of us.  BUT I wanted to make sure it was the right “FIT for FIT”.

He moved in his equipment and we were off and running January 1st, 2017.  Now I thought the members would be thrilled with all the new equipment (he even turns on the heat!) … but there were far more “I don’t like change” comments then the positive ones.

I know we are all creatures of habit… we wash our hair the same way every day, we eat the same things every day… we move the same amount every day….  I think that our failure to embrace what is new often holds us back from getting healthier sometimes.

Change is scary but often times we look back a few months later and think… wow that wasn’t so bad?

What is important?  Our Health and Happiness!  First and foremost those are the most important things.

So if you are entering into a new eating routine, or fitness regime and it feels uncomfortable… try to embrace it and know that in days, weeks or even just a few months it will all be a new routine and you will be so much better for having taken on the changes.

Keep Healthy and Happy!