Holiday Helper

l1326260518It’s only 3 sleeps til Christmas (as my little guy tells me the countdown every morning when he comes into my room at 6:30 am) …. but we have already had all kinds of Holiday gatherings, Treats, Parties, and Lucky for me I have 2 Close friends with December birthdays so we have celebrated the heck out of those too…. so much yummy stuff consumed and so much wine!

It is easy at this time of year to get derailed from your best Healthiest Intentions!  But…let’s be honest… this is not a time to lose weight.  No this is a time to SAVOUR the things you love within REASON.  CHOOSE wisely and don’t use it as an excuse to go off the deep end.   Eat the CAKE drink the WINE BUT…. get in some extra steps EVERY DAY,  get in the basement for an EXTRA WORKOUTs… leave food on your plate… and don’t eat something just to make someone feel better.

Guilt and food and Holidays sometimes go hand in hand but do your best to make the choices FOR YOU and most importantly… BE HAPPY with yourself for doing “damage” control… every positive choice is fantastic.  Enjoy the snow, and keep moving through the holidays.

Come January come into FIT and get back into your full Healthiest Routine!

Wishing you and your families the very best Holiday and a wonderful 2017!!!

Keep Healthy and Happy