New Opportunities

So after 3 Years and 3 Months we are closing the doors at FIT at the end of JUNE 2017.  The reason why?  It is simple…we are not renewing our lease in the current location.  We will however, be holding Bootcamps in the park and Yoga in the park this summer.  Come September we HOPE we will have some space to sublet and offer classes again.

It was hard telling the members and it was even harder having them tell me how sad they were.  We had created a home, a friendly environment where people could work out (for cheap) and feel safe modifying exercises for their body’s needs.

I feel good that we created such a special place and I know that many of our members will be my friends for life.

We will continue to do Personal Training and run the FIT Challenges (and bring them to your workplaces!!!).  However the current schedule will be complete after June 30th.

I am somewhat looking forward to a break in my routine as it has been a long time of teaching the same schedule week in and week out (with my holiday breaks of course), worrying about staffing, spreadsheets, payroll, etc.  I won’t miss those worries!  I am excited now…who knows what this summer will bring?  As a family we have had more then our share of change this year and I am looking forward to what might be around the next corner.

To those that were our members and clients.  Thank you! Thank you for making our space so special and I hope that we will continue to do FIT things together in the future!

Keep Healthy and Happy