Stop wishing the days away

I love Pinterest and I love the Motivations that you can find on there.  I encourage my FIT challengers to find motivations on there too.   I saw this one a while back … telling us to RELAX and Master THE DAY and then do that every day.  I didn’t realize how much it hit home until last Sunday when I was running the Burlington Chilly Half Marathon.  You see, I have this habit of planning ahead but for some reason I missed the planning in training for this race. Yes we have lots going on but this is pretty bad when you forget to plan long runs until 10 days before the race when you crank out ONE long run and hope you don’t hurt yourself during the race.

You see the ironic thing is I am a planner….I looooove to plan ahead.  I think this is why this motivation sunk in so deep.  I OFTEN get so caught up in just “getting through this day” and the next and the next to the thing that I am really looking forward to. I feel like I am wishing my life away instead of being “present” as the yogis tell us to be.

So as I struggled with the race on Sunday (normally I love racing) and did my best that I could.  I kept telling myself over and over “master this racethen master this day.  It really helped.  It was a pretty nice day for this race too as normally it is the ugliest day of winter.  (Global Warming?!)

I have the 30 K Around the Bay at the end of the month hanging over my head now too.  I will try to crank out yet one more long run to see how that goes, and if that goes I will try to shuffle through ATB and keep this mindset.

But you know what is very possible?  That I decide to listen to my body/my head/my heart and just find someone to split my race with (it is a relay race as well as a 30 K race). However the important point is that I am going to try and try to Master each Day on it’s own  and stop wishing the days away.

Keep Healthy and Happy!