Our Crazy Plan

So my daughter has these crazy obsessions…. first she taught herself to draw incredible works of art, taught herself new mediums,  taught herself how to write with her left hand… and one of them this summer is walking long distances.


At first my husband and Soleil would walk to Dairy Queen and back (no not the close one) in the evenings.  Then, she came up with this crazy idea that we should walk to my parents in Caledon…. 36 miles away.

I said why not walk home?  It is net downhill as opposed to uphill.  NOPE…she states that is not a “destination” that is home.     So long story shortened (a bit) I agreed to join them to navigate and to keep them company.  I also made a training plan for us.   We are now set on walking a marathon.  Not an official one, but one of our own design. It has involved some logistics… taking an uber to the start in Milton (so it is only 26 miles not 36), dropping a car and clothes at my folks in Caledon, booking friends to watch Lucas while we do this…. lots of planning!

We trained but not the way I would normally for a running marathon… surprisingly when you walk for hours at a time your body starts to break down.  So we have trained a mere HALF of the distance.

Soleil and Dan have never fueled on a walk…. so our Marathon is going to be a huge experiment.  What can they eat while walking that won’t cause tummy troubles or bathroom stops… I am a squirrel and will be munching the whole way with no problem but still this old body does not look forward to walking for 8-9 hours.

Stay tuned to hear how our end of the summer challenge pans out…. and keeping it “REAL”… this is scary and I am really not sure what the day will bring.   I know that all of you will be pulling for us so that will help for sure!

Keep Healthy and Happy