Sadness…Grey and Blue …

chocolatecakeanwineOkay we all have “those” days where everything seems to go wrong and you feel blue and grey and so so sad.  It just feels like the best thing to do is get a bottle of wine and a Chocolate cake and go crawl into bed with it and a fork!  I felt that way recently.  I don’t know if it was a fight with my husband the night before, or hormones, or the darker,  shorter days of fall…. or what… but I tell you I felt like poison was running through my veins. I felt like everyone could see my sadness on my face.

I tried everything… smiling, working out with my class… saying upbeat things… treating myself to a soy latte… buying a present for someone… cleaning my desk… riding my horse… hugging my kids… and you know what?

NOTHING WORKED!  Seriously some days we just can’t shake it and we have to do our best to just get through it and go to bed (without the cake) and wake up tomorrow and hope for a brand new day and perspective.

If it persists… and the blues are not leaving then for sure tell someone… make an appointment with a health professional and realize it is probably NOT you … it’s chemistry and we can’t fight chemistry all by ourselves.

Hugs and help to all those who struggle with depression day in and day out.

Keep Healthy and Happy (by asking for help when you need it!).