FB_IMG_1452388827569 FB_IMG_1452389259315Stacey’s Story:    In 2012 after the birth of my second child, I was almost as heavy 8 months after he was born as I was pregnant. I was determined to start getting healthy.  I was weighing in at 183lbs. I embarked on starting a 5km learn to run clinic and joined a weight loss challenge. I ended up losing 30 lbs in 3 months! Awesome!
I started running more and more, I completed my first half marathon in 2013. I was doing so well.
And then……I hit a wall. I got injured after my race and struggled to get back on track. Then came FIT in 2014. I loved that there were 8:30pm classes during the week because that works well for me.

In November 2014 I joined up for the first “Fit through the holidays” challenge. I didn’t think I could do it…..that’s the worst time to try and be healthy. I was shocked and disappointed that I weighed in at 167 pounds at the start of the challenge. I started going to Fit 2 days a week and getting in runs and other workouts at home at least 4 days a week. I was conscious of what I was eating over the holidays and at the end I had LOST 8 pounds in 6 weeks. Over Christmas! The tools I had, the guidelines I was given for food, the classes and my mental dedication all added up to me  being successful and I tied for 1st place!!

I was so enthused,  I did another challenge right after after, lost another 6 pounds and tied for first place again! It was amazing. People were telling me how great I looked. More importantly, I started feeling comfortable in my own skin again.
There have been ups and downs along the way since then but I know Fit is always there and for over a year now I’ve been able to keep most of the weight off. I love the challenges for motivation and discipline (and ok the prizes too!)
The instructors make the workouts different and challenging and entertaining 😉
Looking forward to good health and fitness in 2016


Jen - BeforeJen - AfterJen R’s story:   My story starts two years ago after a trip with my husband to Las Vegas.  While away on vacation I was running out of breath while walking and later when I looked at the photos, I didn’t recognize myself. It was time to make a change.  My first call to action was to start eating properly.  After a couple of months eating clean and losing a few pounds, I was ready to find a way to get in shape.  I have never been athletic, so this was a big step for me.  Luckily a friend recommended checking out FIT and after a few classes I was hooked!  Sue and her instructors offer a welcoming environment for all levels of fitness.  They always have modifications to the exercises to address different abilities and injuries.  the instructors get to know what each of the clients are capable of and gently push them to the next level.  Best of all the classes are never the same twice so being bored is not an option!

Since joining FIT a year and a half ago, I have participated in three group Fitness challenges that focus on clean eating, exercise and healthy lifestyle habits.  The challenges are fun and help to give a little push to make positive changes.  Thanks to FIT, I feel great and have lost 50 pounds since my trip to Vegas!  Jen, R. Burlington.

Our Winner of the “Keeping Fit through the Holidays” Challenge is Ada !  She is also a testimonial for FIT!  Congratulations Ada on learning some new Ada before and afterHealthy Habits and making a change in your lifestyle!

 “I previously lost weight and gained it back, but after 20 years, I feel my body is being reshaped and toned. I participated in the Fit “Starter” class in November 2015 and a month later, I joined a Challenge Program to stay fit and healthy throughout the holidays. Since Nov. 8th, I’ve lost 11 pounds and changed my eating habits. I feel great, energized, and above all healthy. FIT provides individual support at different level workouts that keep you motivated and interested. I now feel more confident in myself because of how I look and how others compliment me everyday.  Ada, Burlington, ON

mandy beforeMandy afterMandy’s Story: So, this is me…in 2009.  At my heaviest and most unhealthy I weighed almost 270lbs. In 2012 (a little more that a year after baby number 2) I decided no more, this was not how I wanted to live and it was time to take my life back. It was later that year that I met Sue! She was part of a running group that I had put on my brave face and joined. And so I ran, it was scary at first. Then I made friends, and it turned out I love running!  Sue announced she was open a fitness studio for group classes. There I was… Scared again! Because it was new. Uncharted waters!

I knew how much strength training would benefit my running. When Sue opened FIT,  I was scared. So, once again I put on my brave face and gave it a try. Sure enough It was great! It is a friendly, happy and safe environment for ALL levels of fitness. When you walk in the door you will be greeted with a smile by Sue or her team. You will feel welcome and like part of a fabulous community. It turn out I also LOVE group fitness classes. Since my journey started, I have managed to sweat off 80lbs. I feel fabulous, fit and happy. I have successfully completed 3 half marathons, a number of triathlons and the 30km around the bay race, all with the support of Sue and a slew of new friends I made along the way! There is no turning back now!  So, do what I did! Find your brave face, come and see all that FIT has to offer!!
Mandy, Burlington

“Sue is a pro at getting people to do their best. The great thing about that is that your best just gets better and better until you find yourself in a healthy and happy routine! I can’t thank her enough for instilling healthy habits in me before I left for university.”   Emma, Oakville

“I’ve been a client of Sue’s since May 2012. I originally contacted her to “get in shape” for my wedding. As a physician my schedule rarely made time for dedicated workouts.  With Sue I had pre-set workout times each week and with her encouragement I was motivated to make them all. I started seeing results after only a few weeks and felt energized, toned and fit for my wedding day.  Now that the wedding is over, I’ve decided to keep training with Sue and I continue to enjoy the benefits.  I’m less tired during the week and up for any type of activity on the weekends! I would highly recommend Sue to anyone looking to increase their fitness level.  She is extremely knowledgeable about all areas of fitness and the workouts she designs are varied, challenging and fun. I look forward to my workouts every week!”  Lindsay, Burlington


A picture says it all… Sue drives results her Workouts are always challenging & results are clear!” Josh, Burlington

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