This is Getting Serious…

I try not to do political posts but I am getting on a BIG Soap Box (reusable;) for this one….We must do more for our planet. I have always considered myself someone who is a fanatical recycler and is conscious of the environment but I recently realized I am not doing enough.

We can’t ignore the changes in our world:  We were away on vacation and every beach had plastics washed up on them.  I recently read this story about a whale that was euthanized because it ingested 30 plastic bags in the Ocean!  And this past warm February was great BUT to me it screams of global warming. We need to take care of our environment and NOW.

  • Yes I practice the three Rs… Reduce Reuse Recycle.  As for the first two I could do a lot more!!!

A few examples of companies and people leading the way…

  • My sister Erin works for a company that creates Pulp Moulded packaging which is made from paper by products.  It is biodegradable packaging that costs only pennies more then plastic. We need to INSIST more companies  purchase and utilize this type of product.
  • Saltwater Brewery has created an edible packaging (from beer by products) instead of a six pack plastic ring to hold it’s cans of beer together.
  • My friend Nina has made a GREEN PLEDGE of not purchasing anything NEW this entire 2017 (unless it is reused or pre-purchased unless it is consumables). Nina is my inspiration when I purchase ANYTHING. She created a facebook group GREEN MUMS and I look to them for ideas and inspiration.

I  am going to do whatever I can to reduce my imprint… yes it is very hard when everything we buy comes in plastic packaging and made for “convenience”.  Trying to eat healthy we take home plastic clamshell containers of raspberries and Blueberries, Plastic containers of salad…

Here is a great website with ideas for all of us to help reduce Global Warming.

Therefore these are the things I have sworn to do from now on:

  1. Buy in Bulk in my own reused plastic bags or my own Glass Jars whenever possible.
  2. Elminate Plastic Water Bottles from my gym (we are offering reusable water bottles for free).
  3. Make conscious purchasing decisions… do I NEED it? or do I just WANT it?  Does it come in complex packaging?
  4. Purchase locally grown food whenever possible (yes often more pricey unfortunately).
  5. Encourage my clients, family and friends to help in the movement and do what we can to make a positive impact on the envivonment.
  6. Look for every opportunity to make a better choice.

Thank you to all of you for jumping on the bandwagon with me and doing what we can!!!

Keep Healthy and Happy and let’s keep our Earth Healthy and Happy too!