Trying to stay positive

Normally I blog about setting goals, planning ahead, packing snacks… all positive things.  But sometimes things just don’t work out and we need to figure out how to be happy with those situations too and not let them get away from us.

Last year I had big aspirations for my running races. By this time last year I had already run two races and managed to log another 10 during 2016. (see Photo)

With all that racing in my mind I signed up for a half marathon and then the 30K  Around the Bay (both in March 2017) thinking I would use those as a springboard to run a spring Marathon and who knows where that would then take me….

Here it is almost March 2017… haven’t run a race yet this year….. it is two weeks before the half and I have not trained AT ALL… and the 30 K  ATB seems hopelessly out of reach.   I can’t complain about what has derailed me… travel, deciding to downsize our home, selling and buying a new home, business challenges, and not putting planning into my training.  I have been running yes, but it is more “maintenance” running and not what one needs to do to prepare for long distance running.

I admit I have been glum … it’s the easiest thing to start beating yourself up and feeling like a failure.  However this morning I remembered a “TED Radio Hour” Podcast on Failure I was listening to not so long ago and it had all these great speakers talking about Failure and what it really means.  They had a very positive spin on it… meaning your response to Failure is really what is important. If something isn’t working and you realize it, then you should change what you are doing… makes sense?  They also pointed out that every experiment that was successful came after a series of failures.  They said Failure was an opportunity…

So I am going to take the opportunity to make a plan, yet manage my expectations, do what I can in the next 5 weeks and perhaps…. look for someone to share my bib for ATB and run it as a relay instead of biting off the elephant all at once…   and hopfully keep the negative self talk out of it.  Wish me luck! haha.

Keep Healthy and Happy!