Before and After

Congratulations for taking the first step to getting healthier, looking for a Personal Trainer!

That’s me in the photos…

I was once a very overweight, unhealthy person so I know what it’s like to struggle with real life weight loss.
I have been fit for over 20 years and can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life.  I want to bring the tools that worked for me to you, to help you lose weight, build muscle mass and increase your metabolism!


I believe in making every workout fun, and creative while teaching you proper form and technique.
My workouts will speed up your metabolism, by burning calories and building muscle. I have long standing relationships with my clients and after sharing emotions and sweat I consider them friends. You need to contact me TODAY to make your health a priority.

Please contact me to set up your first session so we can get you into a new healthy routine!

Your Personal Trainer,  Sue Clark