Who I am

I am sneaking up on another birthday and although I am grateful for my Health and Strength I have right now… I am not in love with the wrinkles creeping up on me.  It’s true with age comes wisdom; I know now what NOT to wear and what things make me happy.

I also am getting a real sense of who I am and what I like.   We all have our quirks.  Mine are; being outspoken (sorry!) showing up early (to a flaw!), going to bed early, organizing and planning, and yes I am a hoarder of candy and snacks.   I had to laugh at myself yesterday when I started cleaning out a box with old purses and travel bags…. apparently I am an 80 year old woman already because in every purse… kleenex and mints!  Can you believe it?!  OMG I am 80 already! So as much as I have a sense of self I don’t want to get stuck in a rut at this age already.

So needless to say I dumped out all the kleenex and mints and set my mind to be young and silly again.  I have canouan-kids-clubalready danced in the kitchen this morning and am going to embrace being less predictable and be more fun. I have a long time to be predictable me… so I am going to try my hat at living life a little larger and younger and then maybe the wrinkles won’t matter so much.

Hope you can find some fun for yourself as well.  Keep Healthy and Happy!