Your Greatest Treasures

I love my children and treasure every moment with them but all of a sudden we have two teenagers in the house (btw…this photo is 8 years old) and … life is a bit different to say the least.  They won’t pose in photos with us (yet they snapchat and instagram to their heart’s content)… they stay in their rooms with the doors closed, one has a job and one is pursuing a volunteer job for the summer…they sleep all the time!!!   All of a sudden it feels like they don’t need us anymore. It is so hard to not know what is happening with them.  Yes we still have family dinners, yes I love talking with them when they come find me… but it is so different now then just a few months ago.

It is sooo hard.  They are good kids and we are lucky.  But… I wrote recently about “wishing the days away” and I am guilty of continuing to do that… part of me is just holding my breath until they arrive (hopefully healthy and happy) on the other side of teendom.  There is so much out there that wasn’t there when we grew up.  Can you believe that when we were little there were no cell phones, no ipads, no computers for that matter (not til I went to University).  So if you wanted to get in trouble you had to go out and find it on your own two feet.

Now there is so much to worry about!  I don’t want to start a war but I think it would be easier to have boys … maybe because I worry about so much for the girls; making bad choices, teen pregnancy, suffering eating disorders, bullying, smoking, drinking, crime,  peer pressure to do drugs or things that I don’t dare mention in a blog!

How do we get through it?  I will continue to work hard at being there for them and always telling them to make good choices but how much do I wish I could go back to the days where I could get them excited about a walk to the park, going to the zoo, or just blowing bubbles or playing in the yard.   Luckily we still have one small fry at home (and whew he is a boy!)… but I will blink and he will be resisting my hugs and finding his friends after school instead of wanting to play with us.

So if you have small ones at home… hug them tight as long as you can… and if you have teenagers… don’t be afraid to share advice to help us get through this scary time!!!

Keep Healthy and Happy!